Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009



INDONESIA? If you heard this word, what will you think about it? I’m sure that you will get different some opinions of it. Actually, Indonesia has many modals to be a advanced country. Talking about the natural disaster, of course we will pride of it. Because if we plant something, we can get the harvest. Indonesia is nominated as the richest natural disaster in ASEAN. You know why? That’s because Indonesia the runner up of best export coffe in the world after Brazillia. Not only it, but Indonesia also gets the best stainless steel in the ASEAN. Do you still think that Indonesia can’t be a advanced country after getting it’s information?
Beside of the rich of Indonesian’s country, firstly we must think the condition of Indonesia recently. We may be sad after hearing the fact. Because there are many bad events in this country such as Lumpur Lapindo in Sidoarjo, flood in some regions, earthquake in Yogya and the others. They are caused because Indonesian’s people don’t realize the important of science. So, they still underestimate it.
If we talk more about Indonesia. At the glance, we will think the corruption case in Indonesia. That’s not wrong, maybe that’s because Indonesia gets the third rank most corruption case in the world. I’m sure that all of us have known about it. But you know the causes? One of them is because Indonesian’s law is still low, so many people in this country underestimate it. For example, some corruptors in Indonesia haven’t been punished, although they had been shown as the actocrs of some corruption cases in this country.
And we are the students of University must take a part to make Indonesia better and better. We can start from being active in Organization, that’s because we can be a beneficial people especially for our environment. Amien..

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